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Users of the WhatsApp messenger became available two-factor authentication

Messenger WhatsApp has added the feature two-step verification for users of the app. Option became available in apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Test function “two-step verification” developers started in November last year. This week it became available to all users. To activate it you must open WhatsApp settings and select in the menu “Account” corresponding option.

After activating it, users will need to enter six-digit password every time you log into your account from a new device. You must also specify the email address to which the link will be sent to turn off two-factor authentication in case you forget your password.

The user forgot the secret combination of characters that WhatsApp will periodically ask you to repeat it.

“If you have enabled two-step verification, your number will be impossible to re-confirm without an access code in WhatsApp within seven days since the last use of the application.

After these seven days, you will be able to re-confirm your phone number in WhatsApp without using the pre-defined access code, but you will lose all messages that are waiting. They will be removed in the process of re-confirmation number”, – stated in the message of the developers.

In April 2016, the developers have added in messenger feature end-to-end encryption.

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