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Users of Samsung smartphones will be able to unlock the computer using fingerprint scanner

Samsung allowed the owners of the flagship smartphone Galaxy S8, Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S6 unlock their computers with built-in phones biometric module. Updated application Samsung Flow received appropriate option and is already available for download in the Google Play store.

Samsung first introduced this feature last year, but then it is possible to unlock via fingerprint scanner just Galaxy Tab Pro S. Now, the option became available to all Windows PCs. The app update is propagated to all the computers running on the Windows 10 update installed Update Creators.

Install Samsung Flow by the owners of a Samsung smartphone running Android Marshmallow and newer. The computers must support Bluetooth 4.1. According to this link, the laptop/desktop will be getting credentials.

In addition, the Flow app also allows you to sync with the computer coming to the user’s smartphone text messages.

Note that similar functionality is already available to owners of Mac. If the user wears the Apple Watch, the computer may recognize that he is near and automatically opens the access to the system.

Unlock macOS, unlike Windows, provides instant access to the computer when the user wears the smart watch. Just enough to Wake up the computer.

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