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Users of iTunes can watch Thor: Ragnarok before the official release

Due to errors in the iTunes movie Marvel studios ‘ Thor Ragnarok is available for download a month earlier than planned. This was reported by the website TorrentFreak.

For the first time this was told to a Reddit user, who was able to legally download Thor: Lagarec, buying it on the Vudu website. Is a third-party resource, where you can buy the films that is spreading via iTunes.

“I pre-order Thor: Ragnarok on Vudu and as usual got a link to the page by iTunes movie. However, he was immediately in my library, what should not be. In General, now I can watch Thor completely in HD quality. Movie should come out somewhere by the end of February, but I’ll download it now,” wrote one of the lucky people who received early access to the movie.

Other users on Reddit tried to pull the same thing and they succeeded. They can also watch a Marvel movie for almost a month before the official release.

It turned out that the cause of the incident was an error in the service Movies Anywhere from Disney. It connects the shops with movies like iTunes, Vudu and Google Play.

Anyone who wants to see Thor in iTunes before anyone else does, should hurry. Perhaps in the near future, Apple or Disney will close this loophole.

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