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Users of iPhone 4s, Apple demanded $5 million due to the inhibitory iOS 9

Smartphone users iPhone 4s appealed to the district court in new York with collective action against Apple. Claim the California-based company comes to performance operating system iOS 9 for older devices.

The initiator of the claim made by Chaim Lerman. He was outraged that after installing iOS 9 on the device performance of smartphone “fell significantly”. With no ability to revert to an earlier version of the platform users have complained about the plaintiff.

According to Chaim, the update on iOS 9 has resulted in “the brakes”, which means that Apple has broken its devices. As a result, the plaintiff there is nothing left but to live with the “slow and buggy” device, which destroys every day life, either to buy a new smartphone.

IPhone users often have to buy Apple products, because users want to preserve their investments in applications. As a result, the company derives financial benefit from their old smartphones that are starting to slow down after the updates, stated in the statement of claim.

The plaintiffs are unhappy that Apple does not warn them about a possible drop in performance after installing the updates. On the official website alleges that iOS 9 will increase the speed, improve safety and increase autonomy.

Since this information is not true, then Apple should be held accountable for deceptive advertising that introduces user confusion, assured the plaintiffs.

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