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Users of HTC smartphones has criticized the company after the appearance of advertisement on a standard keyboard

It’s one thing when a user sees an ad banner in exchange for some benefits: free application, reduced prices, etc… But quite another when the manufacturer shows ads without any compensation for the inconvenience. And unfortunately, owners of HTC smartphones are faced with this after the next update of the standard TouchPal keyboard, which suddenly started to display banner ads.

The appearance of advertising banners on the keyboard provoked a wave of criticism of HTC. “I paid £ 600 for the smartphone to another to see ads at the keyboard every time I type text?”, – outraged Sewpoke.

“You guys are crazy if they decided to add advertising on the keyboard without permission,” agreed Artem.

“TouchPal suddenly added ads that I can’t remove? Another reason why I quit from HTC UK,” writes Capitan Sniff.

To resolve the problem facing it users are advised to delete the updates TouchPal keyboard, go to Settings > Apps > All apps, app TouchPal иUninstall Updates.

If you believe most HTC, such an accident for her was a big surprise. The TouchPal developers claim that the problem arose after the failure with the server that led to the appearance of undesirable advertising banners.

Whatever the cause of the incident actually, one thing is clear — the updated keyboard that sends ads to those users, who did not expect to see them.

The current situation is allowed to output the main problems encountered when outsourcing software development. If the manufacturer itself does not create your own code (or trust it to the developer of the OS, such as Google), then it is much harder to avoid such surprises.

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The incident definitely hurt HTC’s image, albeit briefly, but the company is now very do not need such “anti-PR” at a time when she, according to the latest financial reports, are still losing money.

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