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Users of Android smartphones were loyal iPhone owners

Owners of iPhone and Android smartphones are amazing loyalty – the vast majority of users when changing buys a new gadget with the same operating system, according to a recent study the Agency’s Consumer Research Partners (CIRP). However, owners of Android at this time was still somewhat loyal.

According to the study, from July 2013 to June 2015 78% of users chose the iPhone smartphone of the same brand, and 82% of Android owners did the same. Moreover, if the fans of these two operating systems somewhere and go – mostly to each other: 16% of iOS users previously wore the devices with Android, and 20% the current Android owners have used gadgets from Apple.

Tellingly, no other mobile OS could not even come close to the results of the market leaders. In particular, loyalty to BlackBerry showed only 4% of users, and Windows Phone could boast of no more than 19% of loyal fans.

The results of the study CIRP does not fit with the words of Apple CEO Tim cook, who claimed that in the second quarter of 2015, the Corporation records the largest in the history of the number of transitions users from Android to iOS. The report suggests a more frequent user migration from iOS to Android.

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