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Users of 15-inch MacBook Pro massively complain about mysterious clicks when using the laptop

The owners of the MacBook Pro, introduced by Apple in late 2016, complain of problems with a laptop. According to the user device from time to time emits strange sounds. The complaints on the support website of the company and the forums on the net.

It is reported that some instances of the MacBook Pro tend to produce clicks or claps, reminiscent of “the sound slowly squeezes the plastic bottle.” They occur 2-3 times in half an hour. On one of versions, some devices may have problems with loops. The sounds become more frequent during heavy load.

“I think that the problem lies in the hinges, as the laptop has a natural bend in an aluminum display cover. Possible heating of the case affects the condition of the glue or plastic fastening of the screen,” – writes user under the name Michael DN.

The bulk of complaints come from owners of the 15-inch model, and it is quite logical, given the more severe the display panel of the device.

“I was able to reproduce the problem by pressing in the bottom, in the rear,” – said Mac-Dude.

The tech support Apple responds differently to similar complaints. Some users said that they replaced the laptop components, but it did not solve the problem. Another “Makovod” said that the company has tied up extraneous sounds with a small dent on the bottom case of the MacBook Pro and refused to repair under warranty. Paid repair is estimated at $130.

Apparently, Apple has not yet revealed the origin of the sounds and are not ready to offer a solution to the problem. Officially, the company does not comment on complaints MacBook owners.

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