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Users in Russia started to spend more on legal content in the Network

In the first half of 2015 the Russian Runet users spent on online content (games, music, movies, and more), on average, 23% more than the year before. This follows from the report by the research firm Synovate Comcon.

Thus, in the first half of the year users ‘ expenses on entertainment content on the Internet has averaged 691 ruble for the quarter, up 51 rubles more than the same indicator for the second half of last year and 130 rubles exceeded expenditures for the first half of 2014.

However, despite rising costs, another survey conducted by Synovate Comcon, shows that only every third Network user to the principle of paying for content on the Internet, RBC says. However, of those respondents who spend money on web content, almost every second user (46%) pay for online play. The second most popular line of cost content on the Internet application for smartphones. Money spend 42% of respondents.

When this mobile application is first pushed software for desktop computers: software for desktops previously ranked second in popularity among the Internet users, but this time took only the third place, because it got only 30% of survey participants. For e-books in the first half of 2015 was paying 26% of respondents, and for films and video — 22%.

May 1 this year, came into force amendments to the anti-piracy law, spreading its effect on books, music, software and other content, with the exception of photos. The act was supplemented by the norm of the eternal lock that allows Roskomnadzor permanently block the pirate resource if the court twice found guilty of distributing illegal content.

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