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Users “IMDb” demanded “Yandex” to bring back the old design

The petition titled “Bring back the old IMDb”, published on gathered more than 18,000 signatures in less than a day. The statement is addressed to the company “Yandex”, which in the evening of October 8 presented the updated website “Kinopoisk”.

New “Abracadabra” is a mixture of service on the recommendation of movies with an aggregator of video content from online cinema and media holdings. “Yandex” has completely changed the interface of the website.

“Many people visited your site since its inception — said in the petition of users of the old site. Interface “IMDb” was multifunctional, very informative and convenient. But with such rapid changes in all perfection for so many years was in vain — new site it is simply impossible to know”.

The petition also notes that users complain about the lack of news feeds, lists, movies, folders and other familiar elements of the interface, notes Rbc. “Because of the huge database lowercase text structure was the best and most convenient solution, instead of the bulky and wide “tile” design that is implemented now”, — the statement says.

The author of the petition also expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that “Yandex” invited the users to test the new version with the possibility to revert to an older version of the site, and immediately submitted an updated “Kinopoisk”.

Yandex acquired Kinopoisk in the fall of 2013 for $80 million Rumors on the media market, which the company intends to restart the service, I went with the date of purchase. In the fall of 2014, it became known that “Yandex” is going to run on the “Kinopoisk” aggregator of movies and TV series in partnership with online-cinemas and media holdings. The size of the investment in a new “MMORPG”, “Yandex” does not open.

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The authors of the petition against the new design hoping to collect 25,000 signatures.

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