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Users have found the secret meaning of the invitation to WWDC 2016

This week Apple announced the 27th annual global conference for developers WWDC 2016. Users of Reddit have found hidden meaning in the invitation to the annual developer event.

The page where the invitation contains a poem, decorated as multi-colored code.

“Hello love at first swipe. Hello other side of the road. Hello yogi on my wrist. Hello driver, fast as you can. Hello workout in my living room. Hello every pinch, every highlight. Hello self-combusting selfies. Hello double tap heart. Hello rain in five minutes. Hello 6 seconds of fame. Hello big ide”.

According to the user with nickname Pro-user, hidden in the invitation mention some of the best apps from the App Store. Each line means a single program. In particular, in the poem we are talking about Tinder, the game Crossy Road, Uber, MLB At Bat, Snapchat, Instagram and some other services. All applications from the list, or were presents from the stage at Apple events, or used in the company’s advertising.

The conference for Apple developers will be held from 13 to 17 June, the request for the purchase of a ticket can be submitted on the company’s website. Ticket price is $1599, but just buy it. First you need to leave the application to participate in the draw. Tickets will be allocated by random selection. Those wishing to attend the event can know the status at 3 PM Moscow time Tuesday, April 26.

Like last year, students and members of science organizations 350 grants available that allows you to win a ticket to the event and 125 of them this year will receive compensation for travel expenses.

It is expected that the first day of the WWDC 2016 will feature new operating system iOS MacOS 10 and 10.12. On the same day Apple will release a first test version of the OS for developers.

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