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Users have found a way to include Night Shift in the power saving mode in iOS 9.3.1

In iOS 9.3 appeared the so-called “night mode” that automatically adjusts the color temperature of the display of Apple mobile devices. It determines the user’s location and watch the sunset in the area where the person and shifts the colors to the warm end of the spectrum. In iOS 9.3.1, as we wrote, is limited to work Night Shift in a power saving mode, however, user s have found a way to work around this limitation.

By default Night Shift switches off automatically if the user activates on your device power saver Mode. For what purpose this was done is not clear. It is unlikely that the change in color temperature cause accelerated battery discharge iPhone and iPad. In March, there was found a possibility to circumvent this limitation in iOS 9.3 using Siri. In iOS 9.3.1, however, the command to activate is no longer working. If the user says “Turn on the Night Shift”, the voice assistant will answer, that for this he needs to turn off the power saving Mode.

To activate “night mode” in the power saving mode in iOS 9.3.1, you must do the following.

How to enable Night Shift in a power saving mode in iOS 9.3.1:

Step 1: Go to Settings –> Battery and turn on the Saving mode.

Step 2: Go to Settings –> General –> Siri.

Step 3: under Language, select English (United States). Confirm the language change.

Step 4: Invoke Siri and say “Enable Night Shift”. To learn how to properly pronounce the phrase, you can use Google translate or Yandex.

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Step 5: Voice assistant will respond “In order to turn on Night Shift, I’ll have to turn off Low Power Mode. Shall I continue?” (To include Night Shift I have to turn off the power saving Mode).

Step 6: Say “Yes” to the confirmation response press the power button iPhone.

Step 7: Unlock your iPhone. If you just clicked in the previous step, then you will work Night Shift, and power saving mode.

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