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Users have found a solution to the problems with the paint peeling off at matte for iPhone 7

Owners of smartphones iPhone 7 in matte black color complain that corps devices chip beauty, leaving light spots. While some appeal to Apple to replace the device, others are looking for ways to solve the problem.

On the Apple support website users black iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus resented the fact that their device has problems under which open silver case. “We’ve paid, but have to use a marker to cover the chips,” writes one user of the smartphone.

Paint flakes flies from the iPhone, even if it is protected by a cover, leaving white spots. Most suffer from it are the edges of the body and the area near the buttons.

Some users promise never to buy an iPhone in black color and come to terms with the fact that “Apple does not possess sufficient qualifications to provide appropriate quality”. The problem manifests itself regardless of the length of smartphone usage, from a few weeks to several months.

According to user feedback, this problem is more common among iPhone 7 Plus. The basis for the repair or replacement of the gadget, this is not, as stated by representatives of Apple in response to one of the users.

One of the owners of iPhone 7, States that had faced a similar problem at the end of the device around the speaker, although the smartphone from the first day of purchase was in the case. Another had paint peeling on the switch to silent mode:

“I have to use a marker, to periodically touch up… feel like I use a cheap phone from China”, — he said.

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