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Users find a more convenient way to wear Apple Watch

Apple Watch features a digital crown the Digital Crown, which provides a convenient way of scrolling, zooming, smooth navigation and helps to avoid overlapping display. By default, the Digital Crown is right, if you wear the Apple Watch on left hand. But if you turn the watch on the contrary, many of the actions with the device is made easier. At least, so says developer Craig Hockenberry.

The programmer found that if you turn on the hand the Apple Watch, the ergonomics of wearable devices is improving. Scrolling and pressing the Digital Crown with the thumb is much more convenient, says Hockenberry. In the orientation to use any of the buttons is preferable to click on the screen.

Moreover, it is not the only advantage of this method of wearing the Apple Watch. According to Serenity Caldwell of iMore, that position becomes more sensitive microphone, smart watches, and more specifically Siri is listening. This occurs in particular when the watch is under the sleeve of clothing.

If you decide to try this method of wearing the Apple Watch, launch the app Watch for iPhone and select the Basic section. Look up the Orientation clock and set the necessary options in accordance with your style.

If you prefer to wear a smart watch on his right arm, then do the opposite: under orientation, establish your wrist to the right and also the Digital Crown on the right.

Any style of watch requires wearing habits, so don’t change it within a few days, to see if it fits you.

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