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Users filed a class action lawsuit against Apple for locking the iPhone unofficially repaired

MacDigger previously wrote about the fact that iPhone owners, faced with “error 53” (Error 53) in which their devices are turned into “bricks”, prepare for filing class-action suit against Apple. Today the law firm PCVA officially filed a claim in the district court of California.

About the “error 53” began to speak after the release of the update iOS 9.2.1. She began to run downloaded update customers who have previously replaced a broken fingerprint scanner Touch ID in the informal service center. As a result, after installing the update users have an unhealthy smartphone with “error 53”, which cannot be eliminated.

This didn’t affect those who changed the Home button at an authorised service centre where the repair is much more expensive. As it turned out, the “error 53” was introduced on the initiative of the Apple for security purposes.

The statement of the legal company PCVA revealed that Apple violates the law on consumer protection, blocking iPhone users, renovated devices in unofficial service centers. The authors consider a class-action lawsuit that the company from Cupertino is guilty of causing unlawful damage, because it imposes its own services, which are more expensive than in unauthorized workshops.

Apple threatens not only judicial proceedings, but measures by the European Commission in the EU. In particular, according to the laws of the UK, the company can be accused of deliberate destruction of another’s property: turn off the smartphone after the upgrade can be qualified as criminal damage, told the newspaper lawyer Richard Colby.

Apple explains iPhone’s lock security measures. The company explained that the Touch ID sensor collects the fingerprints of a smartphone owner who may be in third party hands. However, some have perceived this policy as an opportunity to increase revenue due to the fact that the user is forced to buy original components — for example, the button “Home” in the UK will cost £ 236.

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