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Users complaining about freezes, iPad Pro after full charge

The network began to appear the first complaints from owners of the new iPad Pro. Happy owners of the latest Apple news, which went on sale last week, reported problems after prolonged charging.

According to a message on the technical support forum Apple 12.9-inch tablet tends to hang after the battery is fully charged. iPad Pro stop responding to user actions, and to move the gadget back to life requires a reboot. Then the device shows the battery charge is 100%.

“I put the iPad on charge and went to bed. When I woke up, he was “dead”. To include it did not work. I had to perform a hard reset to start the device. Worked on it a couple of hours… put it on my charger came for him, and then it was repeated.”, — writes the user with the nickname darkfire.shadows.

On the page of the Apple website devoted to this issue, there are reports from other victims. One of them wrote, that the problem manifests itself in the case if iPad Pro is charging more than an hour. Reset to factory settings or restore from backup didn’t resolve the crashing. Contacting Apple support also does not give any results.

One Reddit user says that faced with a similar problem on the iPhone 6s. If the problem of smartphones is the place to be, we can assume that the problem is with the operating system and not with the hardware.

iPad Pro became available for order in the online Apple stores from November 11. Forum thread on the issue with a freeze of the tablet has 9000 views and nearly 200 replies.

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