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Users complain of poor camera MacBook Air 2018

03.12.2018 Erika J. Wells 0 Comments

In the October presentation, Apple announced that the new MacBook Air in 2018 equipped with a FaceTime camera with a resolution of 720p, but some users have reported the discrepancy between the quality and very blurry images.


The problem began to gain momentum on the Apple support forums. Users write that they contacted the manufacturer about the quality of the camera, but got no response. Here’s what one user says about the FaceTime camera MacBook Air 2018:

“I just bought a new MacBook Air and realized that HD camera makes it too blurry shots. Photo produced with this MacBook, the quality is inferior selfie camera iPhone 7″.


Another user explains that the problem is most likely connected with a sensor or software.

“I used MacBook Air 2018 only one day and immediately noticed a problem when using the camera. The lens was clean, but the pictures turned out blurry. They are not dependent on light, so I came to the conclusion that the problem is with the resolution of the camera or software”.


Users also noted that the camera of the new MacBook Air is worse than the old model. One of the owners said that compared camera the new generation of notebooks with the old right in the Apple store:

“I visited the Apple store in Sydney and checked the other camera MacBook Air 2018, to eliminate the possibility of defect. All tested laptops were photographed the same way. I compared the camera of the current generation MacBook Air with the previous one, which establishes the same camera 720p. The difference was huge.”

Of course, 720p is not an indicator of good quality, but it is noteworthy that the camera on the MacBook Air 2018, significantly deteriorated compared with the previous generation model. At the moment Apple has not commented on the situation.

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