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Users complain about the problem with charging the iPhone 7 Plus with unofficial cables [video]

Some owners of the iPhone 7 Plus encountered problems when attempting to charge the mobile using original cables. This fact drew the attention of the reader MacDigger Nicholas Ural.

In some cases, the iPhone 7 Plus will start charging only when connected to the original accessory. When you try to use the cord of a third-party manufacturer, even the highest quality, the device does not respond.

Tellingly, the younger brother of the iPhone 7 and earlier models, this problem is not observed. The smartphone can be recharged with the supplied Lightning cable and through a cord purchased from “unofficial”. The service Apple has not commented on this issue.

It is no secret that the “Apple” of the company advocates the use of official accessories and components. For example, a module Touch ID after replacement requires recalibration, but the necessary equipment is available only at authorized service centers. Users, replacing the fingerprint scanner in third-party workshops, it stops working after the upgrade. In this case the manufacturer refuses to share with special equipment for security purposes.

About how widespread the problem with charging the iPhone 7 Plus with unofficial cables, while to judge early. Share in the comments if you have faced such a situation.

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