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Users asking Apple not to use the curved screen of iPhone 8

At a time when Samsung made fun of: any of the ideas, only know how to copy Apple. But when they presented the Galaxy S6, the attitude has changed. If the earlier Korean vehicles bought mainly because of technical characteristics, but now people pay attention to the design.

As you know, the iPhone 8 should be the first Apple smartphone equipped with OLED panel. After the release of Samsung Galaxy S8 with a curved display, many people are interested in whether the screen of the new “Apple” smartphone in the same flexed or remain flat as the current models.

Curved around the edges of the display is considered the main feature of the flagship smartphone Samsung. However, not all users are happy with this design decision. Users on the popular forum iMore criticized Galaxy S8, noting that the curved screen is awkward and does not bring any new features. Many complain about the annoying glare on the curved surface.

Glare on the curved display Galaxy S8

Panel with curved edges Galaxy S8 looks original, but in real use doesn’t do any good. Such a design is less ergonomic than the “classic”. Even when you just hold the device in the hand, fingertips or the palm accidentally press on the screen. Hand and then inadvertently presses the button, launch apps, switch the functions of the device. Even a small frame and allow more comfortable use of the gadget.

“If Apple decides to switch to curved displays, I hope that she does not like Samsung. I looked yesterday on the Galaxy S8+ at Best Buy. Beautiful phone, but the curved display does not make sense, writes Matt Manan on the iMore forum. – It is a useless design element”.

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In addition, the curved display limits selection of accessories and does not have high strength. A mere drop of your smartphone on the floor can lead to disastrous consequences.

“Particularly interfere with the reflections of light on rounded faces. Very annoying” – agrees with him Chezm.

Users hope that Apple or even abandon the curved screen of the iPhone 8, or implements it correctly. Although, in fairness, there are proponents of this design.

What do you think? Whether Apple will use a curved display in the iPhone 8?

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