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Users are ready to switch to Samsung over this feature in iOS 11

iOS 11 will not be released before September this year, however, Network users have already criticized one potential innovation is the upcoming mobile platform. Twitter unfolds real drama due to the fact that in the next edition of iOS, according to rumors, will feature “screenshot alert” which will alert when the source will make a screenshot of a text conversation.

This fact has upset many Internet users. “If iOS 11 will alert users when you make a screenshot of the message, I turn on Samsung,” writes Ava Lund.

It is understood that if this option actually appear in iOS 11, Apple will not be the first to add her to his messenger. Earlier, a similar functionality implemented services Snapchat, Instagram, Viber and some other secret messages. The developers explain this by the need to control attempts by users to take a screen shot of the correspondence that should remain confidential.

Viber if one of the participants of the chat decides to do a screenshot in the secret chat, the other participants will be notified immediately in the chat window. And on Android to prevent copying of content, the ability to take a screenshot blocked at all. IOS users just get alerts.

If iOS 11 will appear this functionality, it is likely that only self-destructing chat rooms with possibility of sending messages for which you can set the time after which it will disappear. This may be attributed to rumors of notification of correspondence screenshots on the iPhone.

Will we see this feature in iOS 11, is not known. All the details will be known no earlier than 5 June when Apple will officially unveil the new version of the OS.

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