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Users 76% of compatible devices upgraded to iOS 9

Apple on Wednesday night updated statistics distribution platform iOS 9, according to which actual version of the firmware currently installed on 76% of compatible devices. Considering that the launch of “nine” took place almost four months ago, during this short period of time users are two to three iPhone successfully started the actual OS.

This means that since November last year, when was the last time the statistics were released, iOS 9, the prevalence increased by 6%. The share of iOS 8 during this period dropped to 17%, other 7% saved for older versions of the operating system.

Interestingly, the rate of proliferation of iOS 9 for several months, has remained at 1% in a week. The share of iOS 9 at the beginning of December was 70%, and in November was at the level of 66%. It turns out that more and more customers are switching to Apple’s new operating system.

Statistics show that in the case of iOS 9, the company much more successful customers are migrated to the new platform. So, a similar report, released in January 2015, pointed out that iOS 8 was installed only on 68% of devices (35% belonging to iOS 7). This is due primarily to the fact that iOS 8 caused a number of problems that led to the return to a previous firmware version.

Recall that recently Apple has launched the testing of a major update with iOS 9.3 new features, including a mode “Night shift”, an updated Notes app with the ability to lock records with a password and Touch ID, an updated interface, Apple CarPlay and several other functions. It can be assumed that this release will spur the transition to the latest version of the mobile platform Apple.

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