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User Nexus 6 called the main feature of iOS, which is missing in Android

Android and iOS two leading operating systems — device under their control took about 90% of the market in the first quarter of 2015. Although Apple is constantly suing manufacturers for copying their technology, design and functionality of the above platforms are very different.

The debate about which operating system more comfortable, more functional and better in General, do not cease. A longtime fan of Android and the user reference “Google phone” Nexus 6 Evan Selleck called the feature iOS 8, which, in his opinion, it is not enough with Google.

The popularity of phablets recently rose sharply in the U.S. market of smartphones with large screens for the year increased nearly four times, said the journalist. The increase in size has an impact on usability, software creators membranes must inevitably consider this fact.

The Android notification center is quite a functional and convenient tool. Here you can see the messages, enable or disable system functions that manage apps with widgets. In the case of musical applications panel allows you to start playback, to pause, switch tracks. To manage all these functions, the user must reach the top of the screen.

Evan Selleck often listens to music on the Nexus 6. This means that in order to use this player, he is forced to open the app on your home screen, or reaching for the notification Center. The latter is connected with great difficulties. If the smartphone was a 4-inch screen, it wouldn’t have any problems, says Selleck. The journalist believes the control center on the iPhone is only correct interface solution, especially for large-sized smartphones.

Since the diagonal of the screen of most phones 4.5-5 inches, open the notification Center becomes difficult. But this is the only way to access the buttons to control the music. The same thing will have to do in order to manage wireless interfaces. With iOS 8 in this case there are no difficulties – just one swipe from the bottom of the screen to bring up the control Point.

The journalist calls on developers to pay attention to this problem and implement in own Android analog control iOS. Selleck hoped that with the proliferation of phablets it must be integrated into the software platform Google.

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