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User iPhone 6s called 12 reasons why he moved on Samsung Galaxy S7

Today, the smartphone market presents a large number of different manufacturers producing a variety of models. Only Samsung, HTC and LG have demonstrated good products that can successfully compete with the iPhone. And that’s not to mention other, smaller companies, who together put pressure on Apple many phones, rather than their quality, as do the major players. In this regard, many, even the most devoted fans of iOS, want to experience new sensations to try Android.

Resource Galaxy Droid published an essay the owner of the iPhone, which after four years use of smartphone, Apple has opted Samsung Galaxy S7 as my main phone. He called 12 points, which forced him to switch to an Android device and the South Korean gadget in particular.

  • Display. What would there not talking, but AMOLED display is noticeably sharper and nicer and nicer screen of the iPhone 6S (though both displays are the best on the market).
  • The size and screen ratio to the body. Samsung Galaxy S7 has a much thinner frame than the iPhone 6s.
  • The materials of the case. The glass surface of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is very tight and not slippery, unlike slippery aluminum in the iPhone 6s.
  • Camera. Although I rarely use the camera, photo and video quality Galaxy S7 is head and shoulders above the flagship “Apple” of the company.
  • Water resistant. There is no comments.
  • The memory card slot. Why pay extra money for the 128 GB version when you can buy a memory card.
  • Time of Autonomous work. Unlike the Plus version, keeps the iPhone 6s battery is just awful. Sometimes, I don’t have enough charge until the end of the day. Galaxy S7 in this respect I was very pleased.
  • Wireless charge. For a month I got used to it that I will not even consider your future without her smartphone.
  • NFC and Bluetooth. In contrast to the iPhone they are not just for decoration.
  • OS. Yes, here on taste and color, but now Android same smooth and stable as iOS, but at the same time opens up endless possibilities in comparison with “Apple” OSes. I tired to look for alternative ways to look at downloaded a movie, listen to mp3, I got tired of that I can only change the desktop Wallpaper and not the whole topic. And Yes, multi-window mode is a must in 2016.
  • Price. For the money that I sold my used iPhone 6s with 64GB of memory I bought a new, just released Samsung Galaxy S7 32 GB + memory card for 128 GB.
  • Support. Don’t know how in other countries and regions, but in St. Petersburg online support Apple disappointed me. On any issue you need to go to the Apple Store and there already to solve the question. Recently I had a problem with 4G and Beeline, Samsung support quickly resolved this issue online.
  • According to the author, until he is satisfied with the exchange, but misses Safari, some apps from the App Store and headphones EarPods.

    “The iPhone 6s there are also some advantages, but for me personally they are fewer and they are not so significant. And Samsung Galaxy S7 is not perfect, everything has its pros and cons. The main thing to be able to correctly prioritize for themselves,” he said.

    One users important technical characteristics, and the other usability. Depends on the user’s choice – whether he will fall to the side Android device or Apple smartphone. You should consider what is more important – OCTA-core processor and 4 GB of RAM, or a positive feeling and ease of use. In Apple believe that technical characteristics are not determinative when selecting a device. Because it helps to optimize the software running with the hardware and everything will be fine. Android-devices, in turn, often do not work too smoothly and steadily, even having inside the most advanced iron.

    Besides, if people are accustomed to using services such as iCloud, iTunes, iMessage and so on – to give up iOS will be even more difficult. And finally all complicated by the fact that the user spent a lot of money to buy programs. Unless, of course, he buys apps from the App Store.

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