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User hours on Android Wear told about his impressions of the Apple Watch after a month of use

At the end of July in Russia officially started selling the Apple Watch. Smart watches, as revealed in the lengthy process of testing, have not only advantages, but disadvantages of both policy and structural nature. Journalist Lenta, is actively used to this Android Wear watch, shared his impressions about the Apple Watch on the current version of the operating system and the available accessories.


The concept

Probably you often read stories about how Steve jobs working on the first iPad, was very anxious that the tablet can create and not just consume content. From the Apple Watch should not expect multitasking. Basic and officially announced the feature yet — to notify.

However, even if you perceive watches as an appendage to a smartphone, still it happens that they fail. Most of the preinstalled apps only tells whether to get the iPhone out now or you can wait. Decisions of third-party products like Twitter or Gmail do not allow you to even read part of the message.

Through branded apps for mail you have read the letter, but will not be able to answer it. It is clear that the keyboard on a 42-millimeter screen was very small and uncomfortable, which Apple will never admit it, but then there is Siri, which could send at least a short spoken responses.

As a result, the smartphone in the vast majority of possible scenarios of use is even more convenient for notifications, not only for the answers and any other interactivity.

Gloss steel body and every curve of the Apple Watch is pleasing to the eye and pleasant to the touch. Masterfully written in metal sapphire crystal protects very colorful and clear touch screen. On the right side there are a couple of buttons. Bottom of them, causing a list of favorite contacts that activate Apple Pay and transferring the clock in power saving mode, for a whole month almost never had to use it. The upper, made in the form of the wheels seem to be in demand. It is really convenient to scroll through endless puttee notification, and she needed to call the menu with installed applications on the clock.

Wrong strap

The design of the gadget looks solid. The problem is that the steel watch is very heavy and the leather magnetic strap, handcrafted in the Italian city of Arzignano, too easy. During the day it is stretched, the clock starts to dangle on the hand, which often are locked and require a pin entry. It remains only to constantly watch the clock and from time to time to tighten the strap.

Get rid of the feeling of excessive heaviness of hours if you buy steel model, and aluminum. However, have to say goodbye to ultra-strong sapphire glass, glossy finishing on the case and leather straps. Line Apple Watch Sport in comparison with the conventional Watch easier to budget and easier. And you can’t wait for third-party accessory manufacturers will organize its straps for the Apple Watch is more reliable and convenient.


Among other things, the Apple Watch is positioned as a device for active lifestyles. It is necessary to inform about the training? Manually. To determine the load? Almost everything manually, despite the abundance of sensors, which is stuffed gadget. All this happens in 2015, when producers are much more cheap smart fitness bracelets offer to account at least in semi-automatic mode. For example, Jawbone UP themselves to notice changes in activity and offer to determine what it was — a simple walk, Jogging with the aim to catch the train departing from the station on schedule, or intense workout.

After all, if you think about it, why do we need all this technology? To make life easier, to make it easier to get rid of unnecessary trouble. Apple Watch, by contrast, while only complicate everything.

Obvious and hidden advantages

The first thing that pleases in the Apple Watch, is the design. Hardly among the smart watches have something that looks more beautiful than the Apple product. And no matter what the case is aluminum, steel or gold. The Watch looks out of competition.

The second good point is the time. When presentations were heard from the stage “Watch operate autonomously for up to 18 hours”, was cast down even the most devoted fans of Apple products. But in practice, on a single full battery charge the watch is held for two days, which is twice more than promised and that, of course, pleases.

Finally, it is recognized that not all third-party apps are equally useless. For example, shopping lists allow Things not to get a smartphone from his pocket at the store. To mention already folded in the basket of goods is much easier on the tiny screen of the wrist accessory than a phone with a screen size of 5 inches.


Apple for the first time over the past few years launched a new product. And now I want to understand, will it have it once again to conquer the market, which has happened more than once.

On one side is not clear what motivated the price. Especially considering all of the disadvantages described above. Another horror as you want to look into the distant future and look at actual sales, when compatibility with iOS can say the developers are cheaper counterparts of the Apple Watch running on Android Wear. As you know, Google recently announced its platform for wearable devices running the mobile operating system Apple.

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