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Useful gifts on March 8. Competition from Medspas

Rapidly approaching the main holiday of our beautiful half — international women’s day. Have you thought what to give you, dear women? Flowers and chocolates — a variant of universal, but too banal. Want to make your loved and not to be considered a man without imagination — give a useful gift! And the Internet-store of goods for beauty and health Medspring toss a few fresh ideas on this.

A gift to his wife/girlfriend

What you definitely do not have the right to fail is in choosing a gift for the beloved woman. Surprise her by giving her what she exactly from you.
Rectifier, multistayler or manicure set is a necessity for every modern woman. Any of these gifts will become a faithful assistant in maintaining its natural beauty and will show your attention and care. Trust me, she will appreciate it.

Medspas recommends: manicure and pedicure set Sanitas SMA 50.

A gift for mom

If that stands, we’ve already figured out, you undoubtedly should think about a gift for mom.

Give her an appliance for the care of skin.

For practical and Thrifty mom, a great gift would be a kitchen scale that will help to simplify the process of cooking.

If you think that my mother and the way it is, show some originality give her a gift light alarm clock. This gift will help to make pleasant even the early awakening thanks to simulate a sunrise, which for half an hour will gradually fill the room with natural light.

Medspas recommends: set to cleanse the skin by touchbeauty AS-0759A.

A gift to the mother-in-law

To choose a good gift to the mother — in-law that’s the problem with asterisk! Massage cushion will become a worthy solution. Neck massage, back or foot — what you need to relax after work or a day spent in household chores.

Medspas recommends: massage cushion US Medica Apple SMP-70.

Gift for sister or friend

A great gift for a friend or sister can choose from a number of devices for body care.

For fashionistas who love high-heel shoes, as a gift uniquely suited to a hot foot bath. This small device is able to relax and tone tired legs in minutes!

Massager muscle stimulator, steam facial sauna, epilator, no matter what you choose, she will love it.

Medspas recommends: hot foot bath Beurer FB20.

A gift to a colleague

The choice of gift for colleagues as well should be approached with great responsibility. A gift with one hand, should be universal, and on the other — to demonstrate focus and individual approach.

Every woman daily devotes time to their appearance, and therefore will appreciate a useful gift, such as cosmetic mirror.

Medspas recommends: cosmetic mirror Gezatone LM110.

The competition

Online store Medspring 3 provides a promo code for a discount of 30, 40 and 50% for any items worth up to 15,000 rubles, on the site in the section “Gifts for March 8!”. Codes will be raffled among the visitors who left a comment on the article since its publication and up to 12.00 hours 28.02.17. Do not forget to specify in comments your E-mail. Good luck!

Just use the promo code Macdigger at checkout to get the discount on any product on the website.

Choose gifts for loved ones in advance!

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