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USB-C Power Meter allows you to identify faulty cables and adapters that can damage your MacBook

USB-C, which features a 12-inch MacBook and MacBook Pro, while only gaining popularity, so the question of laptop accessories is quite acute. Despite the convenience and versatility of the connectors, there are pitfalls. As we wrote, some USB cables-C may damage the equipment.

Informed engineer Google’s Benson Leung has tested a variety of accessories that support USB-C, finding out that not all of them meet official specifications. As a result, their use may cause harm to the computers, repairing of which will cost much more than the cost of the wire.

To protect the MacBook from low-quality cables can new USB-C Power Meter from the company Satechi. Accessory in the form of an adapter, allows you to verify the reliability of any cable and power supply. When connected it shows how much energy gets something or other USB device during charging.

Simply place the adapter into the USB connector-C laptop, and then connect the power supply or external battery. Then on the tiny display of your device you will see the main characteristics, reflecting the charging process in the current configuration: voltage, current and power consumption. Thus, it is possible to find reliable adapters, cables and external batteries that are fully safe for laptop computer.

USB-C Power Meter costs $29 and is compatible with all devices equipped with USB connector-C It can be used for other purposes, in particular for testing the effectiveness of external batteries designed to charge mobile devices.

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