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USB-C is not a death sentence: an overview of the hub Prolink MP421 c USB Type-C to USB 3.0 4x

USB type-C steady steps wins the market, and gradually replaces the previous one, but still a very popular third version of USB. The need to upgrade peripherals and storage devices that support a modern standard, greatly increased with the advent of new devices from known manufacturers. The most recent example is the new MacBook Pro. But this development should not be cause for rejection of external drives, card readers, mice and other things. To continue to use the old accessories with the new technology by using a special USB hubs. For example, a four-port MP421 from Prolink, which came to us for test.

The housing hub is quite compact and lightweight. The cable length is 18 cm, the main part of the body — Weighs 8 see “box” less than 50 grams. Assembled device is: cable relative to the overall size thick and powerful, the body is tight, no squeaks and no backlash. For the manufacture of the body used high quality non-toxic ABS plastic, which also makes the controls a car, household appliances, and even weapon parts. Therefore, the hub can safely carry in a bag or backpack, among other things.

All four of the USB 3.0 port located on one side of the case. The distance between them is minimal and it can be a disadvantage only in one case: when connecting three or four drives a non-standard form. Because of this density of ports will make it almost impossible, but personally I cannot imagine a case in which just need to connect more than two drives.

Much more popular may be the scenario in which a user connects an external drive or card reader, smartphone charging, and perhaps a module for a wireless mouse or a USB modem with a SIM card for Internet access. In this case, no problem with the physical connection of peripherals and a limit of speed of operation and data transmission from the hub can not be.

The stable operation of the device primarily ensures that the cable 99.99% pure oxygen-free copper. The advantages of this material are its superior conductivity and immutability of all its properties during the entire lifetime because oxygen free copper is not susceptible to internal corrosion. All connectors and contacts are Nickel-plated hub, intended also to improve their anti-corrosion properties.

The maximum data transfer speed of 5 Gbps. Hub supports not only with computers on macOS or Windows, but with Android devices equipped with USB connector Type-C (although on this compatibility, the manufacturer does not mention). I have had the OnePlus 3T, which reproduced the film from an external hard drive connected via MP421.

We all have to change your laptops and gadgets on the updated model, which are often equipped with USB type-C. In this period of time, which both producers and consumers is in some sense “transitional”, it is important to find the right solution in order not to deny myself the use of new technologies and not spend a lot of time and money searching for suitable Type-C accessories. One-time purchase of the hub to solve this issue.

According to the manufacturer the price for MP421 — 2700 rubles. And the price for a normal one compatible with USB-C USB flash drive 32 GB — from 1800 to 6000 rubles. But the drives we usually have a few, but apart from them we also often use completely different devices mentioned above. In my opinion, the choice of one high-quality accessory for connecting everything else, the right decision.

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