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US authorities urged to abandon the use of smartphones Samsung Galaxy Note 7

US authorities urged owners of Galaxy Note 7 to turn off the phones and stop using them. Earlier, Samsung stopped selling the devices due to the risk of explosion of the batteries.

The Commission on safety of consumer goods called the Galaxy Note 7 to stop the use of smartphones and turn them off due to problems with the battery. The statement said that the Commission is working with Samsung to the South Korean company announced the recall of the goods as soon as possible. In addition, the Agency now determines whether a replacement Galaxy Note 7 acceptable for Samsung, which it can provide to consumers.

The reason such statements have a problem with the batteries of the new South Korean flagship, which can occur spontaneous combustion of the battery.

Until September 1 at Samsung counted 35 instances of the explosion of a Galaxy Note 7. After it became known about several incidents. In particular, a motorist from Florida Nathan Dornacher exploded Galaxy Note 7 caused the fire, which completely destroyed the Jeep. In South Carolina, another owner of a Galaxy Note 7 named Uvezli Hertzog said that in the explosion he lost his garage. The American left the mobile on charge and went to pick up my daughter from school. When he returned, his garage was consumed by the fire. In Australia the Galaxy Note 7 was on fire for the guest in the hotel that led to loss of nearly 90 000. Fortunately, as a result of incidents nobody has suffered.

Earlier in the day the Federal aviation administration of the USA recommended that passengers not use Galaxy Note 7 during the flight. The office also advised not to take the smartphone in your hand Luggage. Reuters also reports that the Ministry of transport Canada has also advised passengers not to use and charge the phone on Board the aircraft.

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On the eve of the three Australian airlines, including the country’s largest Qantas has banned the passengers to use smartphone of this model during flight. The prohibition applies directly using the phone or charging.

After the recommendations of the Federal aviation administration Samsung shares fell in trading on 4%. Rosstandart asked the company to explain the explosions of smartphones.

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