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Updating Substrate Safe Mode 0.9.6000 iOS 10.2

Saurik has released an update of the package Substrate Safe Mode 0.9.6000 for jailbroken devices. A new version of Substrate Safe Mode not only received the support of iOS 10.0.x-10.2, but also made the device with a new “more secure”.

Updating Substrate Safe Mode under the index 0.9.6000 debuted two years after the previous version and is available for download via the standard update system Cydia.

Substrate Safe Mode performs an important function. When on an iPhone or iPad with jailbreak there are problems of a software nature – as a result of installing tweaks that have errors or incorrect packages – this addon allows you to debug and remove these tweaks.

As noted by Saurik in the notes to the update, Substrate Safe Mode 0.9.6000 has become much safer on iOS 10, in particular when using iOS 10.2 yalu102. “But if you are using an older version and iOS 10.0-10.1.1, including the final “b3”, clicking “Reset” will cause a freeze and you have to reboot the device,” said the developer.

To download the new version of Substrate Safe Mode you need to launch Cydia, go to the updates tab and wait for the download of new packages. After this will confirm the setup.

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