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Updating my Anemone with support for jailbreaking iOS 10.2

The first thing that attracts iPhone and iPad users to jailbreak is the ability to fine – tune the interface. The user may, at its discretion, to change the design of iOS, which gives full scope to the imagination of designers. Today Anemone, one of the most popular jailbreak packages for the visual transformation of the iPhone was support for iOS 10.2.

The most common form of customization gadzetow – themes. They differ in design, icons, menu icons, fonts and other UI elements.

The jailbreak developers have long offered their topics in a creative re-vision of the elements of the software platform Apple. Package for visual transformation Anemone allows you to completely change the interface of an iPhone or iPad, including icons of standard applications, dashboards, folders and system icons.

With the release of the latest version of the jailbreak exploit yalu102 designers have updated existing themes and released, many of which have already been tried out by users. At the Anemone update 2.1.1-8, the developers have added full support for iOS 10.2. This means that now users of the latest jailbreak can freshen up the appearance of the software platform Apple.

With Anemone you can customize any element of the iOS. The addon allows you to install themes and ensures security: what would the user to put on your gadget, he can always go back to the standard design from Apple.

It should be noted that Anemone only works on jailbroken devices yalu102, iPhone and iPad with iOS 10.1.1 Mach_Portal+Yalu it is not supported.

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To install the update 2.1.1-8 right now from the standard repository BigBoss.

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