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Updated Mail for iOS allows “one-click” send any content to your email

The company Mail.Ru Group has updated the Mail client Mail.Ru for iOS, adding an in-app extension, which you can use to send any content from your iPhone and iPad to your mailbox. According to the developers of the programme, the option can save users hundreds of clicks.

Function with the telling title “a Letter to myself” simplifies the process of sending information to yourself. For this purpose, the Mail Mail.Ru adds to the standard iOS sharing panel of the appropriate button, eliminating the need to enter an email address every time you want to send the information. The solution is compatible with many applications on the iPhone, including Safari, Photos, Notes, Podcasts, Maps, Chrome and others.

The function is very simple. To configure you need to run the client Mail Mail.Ru and specify the email address to deliver content. After that you can start using the. In the future, the application itself will not need it, unless you decided to change the original Apple Mail client Mail.Ru.

The main way you use functions is to call the panel “Share”. “Letter to myself” works with all mobile apps that support extensions. According to experts the extension allows you to save 22 click with each use. Unfortunately, the app itself keeps track of the number of sent mail and saved clicks.

Download client Mail Mail.Ru in the App Store for free.

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