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Update Windows, do not break the law

PC users hardly ever forget how in 2014 and 2015, Microsoft forcibly transferred all on Windows 10.

The program for the transition to the new system compulsorily installed on all computers with Windows XP, Vista or 7, and it was only possible to dig deeper into the settings, Windows Update, or by using the informal system tools.

Microsoft is clearly learning from its mistakes, but not as much as everyone would like. In the EULA of Windows 10 provides a paragraph stating that the client has the right to disable the updates. Thus, paying $80 (Yes, in 2018, the year of the OS still need to pay), the user must also agree to accept all decisions of the developers of the system.

If next year Microsoft decides again to remove the “start” button to block third-party browsers, or to introduce anything of trickery, the user technically doesn’t have a choice. However, as recently noted colleagues to refuse to move to a new “progressive” system may be illegal, since it violates the licensing terms of Windows 10.

Not wanting to install updates to Windows 10 have these options:

• Use the tools that you can find on the Internet, and disable updates. For such a breach will sit unless the sysadmin of a large company, but even at home at home the law to break is not recommended.
• Go to Windows 7. After downgrade lost access to the browser Edge (the fear and terror!) and some games designed for DirectX 12. Fortunately, the game makers are in no hurry to impose this artificial limitation.
• To abandon Windows completely. In this case, it will either have to put the Linux with all the associated headache (to install any program will have to play) or buy a Mac at a price ranging from 70 000 rubles. Anyway, about the modern computer games will be forgotten.

Apple, which forcibly slows iPhone, there’s a problem. Why the same is no problem for Microsoft?

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