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Update Facebook for iOS solved the problem of leakage of charge

Users of the official Facebook client for iPhone in recent years have increasingly complained that it negatively affects the battery life of the smartphone. Earlier this week, the service administration has promised to fix the problem and now reportedly she is completely solved.

Developer Facebook Ari Grant reported that the company found the cause of the leak charge, as well as has already released an update to the app that fixes the error. He said that the social network continues to focus on the optimization of the application, but iOS users will notice changes for the better immediately after you install this update.

At the moment Facebook experts identified and corrected two errors. The rst is called the CPU spin, she made the app to send requests to the Network, not getting any answers. Grant compared this error with a small child who constantly asks “are we there yet?”, but the destination gets closer.

The second error associated with a sound. It manifested itself when users when viewing video in Facebook disabled the application. Sometimes audiosense remained open and, although you didn’t hear, the speaker continued to consume battery power. Both of these errors caused the power consumption.

Users suspected of excessive consumption tracking location of owner, but Grant has disproved these concerns.

The representative of Facebook apologized to users and added that in the Android client, these issues were not observed.

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