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Update 4 watch OS for the Apple Watch is available for download

As promised, along with iOS 11, Apple released a new operating system watch OS 4 for “smart” watches Apple Watch. With the new platform they will become more intelligent than before — say in the company.

One of the features of watchOS 4 became the new intelligent dial Siri. It dynamically displays the important information as well as data from applications “Activity”, “Alarm”, “Breath”, “Calendar, Maps, Reminders and Wallet, and headlines from the new Apple News for the Apple Watch.

In addition, in the system there are new dials “toy Story” with Pixar characters and dial “Kaleidoscope”, which turns images into patterns.

The Music app in watch OS 4 has become easier and more convenient to use. Plus, it automatically sinhroniziruete mix of new music, favorites, and the music that the user listens to most often.

WatchOS 4 Activity app gives personalized tips and hints that will help more often to close the ring activity. Every morning the wearer will get the notification if it is close to a new achievement, or advice about how to repeat yesterday’s success. The app also puts each user’s individual goals for the month.

The final version of watch OS 4 became available to users on Tuesday, September 19. To install the update you need to access the iPhone Clock app –> General –> software Update.

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