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Unsupported app for iOS became the reason of leak of the data of 200,000 users

Unsupported iOS apps pose a serious threat to the security of the data, found an expert in the field of information security Chris Vickery. He found the open access user database is out of date Kinotopic.

Currently Kinotopic is no longer supported, however, the official site of the project is still running. According to Securitylab, the researcher found in the open access a MongoDB database containing the unencrypted personal information 198 000 iOS app Kinotopic.

According to published information, Kinotopic allows you to create, share, and save videos using your iPhone. Although the application is not used, Vickery managed to find personal data 198 000 of its former users. In addition, the database contains email addresses, usernames and hashed passwords.

The researcher attempted to contact the developers of Kinotopic in several ways, including those listed on the site email address but no reply received. Vickery then turned to Apple, because it surely must be a connection with the developers of applications for its products. In response to the letter representatives of the company advised the researcher to contact the helpdesk, if he is “confident that the issue affects iOS devices or iTunes”. If the problem is in the application itself, Vickery “should continue to try to contact the developers”.

Vickery previously reported about the leakage of personal data of 3.3 million members of the official community of Hello Kitty and 13 million users ON MacKeeper.

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