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“Unpatriotic” selfie: a photo of Medvedev with the iPhone 6 has angered users Instagram

Selfie of the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev on the iPhone stirred up the online community. The Prime Minister published a picture taken in the gym on the background of the trainers. Just an hour photo gained more than 50 000 “likes”. The reason for the selfie has become a record number of subscribers to the official Instagram of the head of the Government of the Russian Federation.

“1.5 million! Thank you for your attention! Get exercise!” – signed his photo Dmitry Medvedev.

The picture shows Prime holding the iPhone 6 Plus. This fact angered many subscribers Medvedev.

“But where, to support the local manufacturer YotaPhone,” writes nikon37. “Price of iPhone? It made of platinum?”, – interested in mihail_o. “Where Yota?”, – asks moldavsky_one.

“Ooooh!!!! iPhone 6… the Substitution in action,” agrees ruslan5092.

Some have even accused Medvedev in advertising Apple products.

“Patriotic advertising abafana! Support an American manufacturer! Cheers comrades,” wrote ilyagovozdkov.

“Unpatriotic gadget for the Prime Minister of a great country in the period of the sanctions war,” concluded bags 37.

But there were also those who supported Medvedev.

“The iPhone is not Patriotic, I agree. But I and every other prefers the iPhone as well as the automotive industry zabugornye, says vakabo. – Sport is health. Now the first men of the state in sport, and 20 years ago what was that?”.

“At this time there is no better phone than the iPhone. I’m sure everyone who writes here use iPhone. Make the phone better, happy to move on,” wrote ptv0807.

It should be noted that this is not the first selfie of Dmitry Medvedev, made to Apple’s smartphone. For the love of iPhone bloggers have nicknamed the premiere of “the face of Apple in Russia.”

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Medvedev is the leader among Russian politicians for activity in social networks. In early August, his Twitter account has collected 4 million subscribers. The Prime Minister personally thanked its readers. “4 million readers. Thank you for your interest!”, ‒ Medvedev wrote on his page on the microblogging service.

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