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Unmanned vehicle “Yandex” for one day drove 780 kilometers

The Command “Yandex.Taxi” told about the first long distance travel of an unmanned vehicle, which is developed in the company. 99% of the way the car drove itself.

Test car “Yandex” went from Moscow to Kazan, and 11 hours overcame 780 km main road passed on the highway M7 “Volga”. Throughout the route the UAV was flying with allowed speed.

Driving the car was the test driver, who was ready at any moment to seize control. But using the car is almost not needed. The company said that the driver took control only at the entrances to the gas station and on difficult stretches of road.

For 11 hours the car traveled in different parts of the track. Along the way changed the quality of asphalt and striping. Some time the car was driving alone at night and in the rain. All these data the company collects for further learning technology.

Previously, “Yandex” has been testing unmanned cars on the roads of Moscow. Before this test took place in closed polygons.

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