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Unknown hackers are threatening to delete data from millions of iPhones, if Apple does not pay a ransom

Apple is being terrorized by a group of hackers, calling itself the Turkish Crime Family (the”Turkish criminal family”). They are going to remove personal information from millions of iPhones.

Members of the group promised to execute the threat in the case that Apple does not pay a large ransom. According to crooks, they already have access to the data of 300 million email addresses of users “Apple” giant, and a large amount of personal information from iCloud accounts.

Turkish Crime Family demanded $75,000 in bitcoins or iTunes gift cards in denominations of $100 000. The attackers gave Apple an ultimatum until April 7. To confirm his intentions, the hackers have provided screenshots of correspondence with the security service of Apple and posted a video in which they allegedly hacked one of the accounts.

Apple’s official response has yet been given. It is possible that the attackers are bluffing for the sake of easy money and they have no access to the accounts of other users. Speaking in favor of this and the small amount of ransom — like, and suddenly, IT-giant once again not to risk it and throw a handout?

Note that on 15 March, the hackers posted a 123 intimate picture and two videos of Emma Watson. According to rumors, personal information was stolen from iCloud. Also, the Internet got pictures of Amanda Seyfried, in which she poses Nude with her ex-boyfriend Justin long.

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