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Unknown attacked a bus with employees of Apple

Daily Apple employees from San Francisco go to work in Cupertino on the custom-made bus. Unfortunately, one of them recently attacked.

According to the publication Mashable, unknown broke the window of the bus, leaving him with something heavy, presumably a stone. This time none of the employees of the Corporation were not injured. But it could end in disaster if the attacker was in the driver or one of passengers.

To protect employees, Apple has changed the route of the bus. Now the road to and from work is 45 minutes longer, but without additional risks.

Apple said that already appealed to the police to clarify the circumstances of the incident.

It is unknown why Apple attacked again. There is speculation that this is the work of activists against IT-companies. Some residents of San Francisco complained about a custom transport Corporation. Because of its convenient transport system, many IT employees prefer to buy housing in San Francisco even if the campus of the company where they work is far from home. Thus the population of the city increases and the price of property in San Francisco is growing. Residents this price increase, of course, not satisfied.

This is not the first time Apple suffer at the hands of activists. At the end of last year from the Apple store, a group of activists staged a protest due to the fact that an American company does not pay taxes in Ireland.

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