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Universal showed the first frame of the movie based on World of Warcraft

Universal has unveiled the first image from the film based on World of Warcraft. It depicts Orc Orgrim of Doomhammer performed by actor Robert Kazinsky. The character has appeared thanks to computer graphics, which deals with Industrial Light & Magic, which won many awards for creating special effects in “Star wars”.

Shooting the film adaptation of Warcraft began in January of last year and lasted a little over four months. The completion of the process, however, did not mean that the film is completely ready — authors expected the process of post production. Such terms relate to the fact that the fantasy world of World of Warcraft requires a lot of attention to detail and hard work. In the film will combine live scenes and computer graphics, and the creators often called the project a mixture of “Avatar” and “Game of Thrones”. Industrial Light & Magic is one of the brightest members of post production.

The release of the film based on the game Warcraft is scheduled for June 10, 2016. Initially, the film was supposed to reach cinemas in December 2015, but then the start of the rental, postponed to next spring, and later in the summer. The announcement of the film was held in 2006. Then the Director was appointed Sam Raimi, but he later left the project. In 2013 the Director’s chair was occupied by Duncan Jones.

The script is being developed by Charles Leviton (“planet K-pax”, “blood diamond”) and Chris Metronom. By Legendary Pictures and Blizzard Entertainment itself is still the secret of how will look like tape. We only know that the storyline will be dedicated to the opposition of men and orcs in the world of Azeroth. In the center of events will be the conflict between the Alliance in the face of Anduin Lothar and Horde in the face of Durotan. The plot is planned to equally pay attention to both races. The main roles will be performed by Ben foster, Paula Patton, Dominic Cooper.

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As expected, Warcraft will be the first in a series of movies that tells about the events of the game series World of Warcraft.

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