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Unicode representatives will meet with Apple to discuss the emoticon for a red-haired users

In the recent update of iOS and macOS devices Apple has introduced more than 100 new Emoji characters, featuring animals, plants, people, and entities. “Politically correct” icons on iPhone and Mac reflect racial and cultural diversity of their respective owners. Unfortunately, the company unfairly forgotten red-haired by nature people that are seriously concerned about the Unicode consortium.

On Friday, representatives Unicode spoke about the upcoming meeting with Apple, which will discuss a new set of Emoji. The organization responsible for the development of emoticons, plans to introduce the updated icons, which after approval will appear on mobile Apple devices.

As it turned out, the first on the agenda are the Emoji for the red-haired users. As told in Unicode, it is the most popular type of icons among Internet users. In the organization refer to the petition on the website Natural redheads make up only 2% of the population, but 13 000 of them came together and signed a petition to Apple to create a “red” smiley.

“Red-haired. In a variety of emoticons, they are not. Again. If you’re going to diversify emotions, why not add some red smileys? Redheads by nature are few, only 2%, but this is a potential 138, 000, 000 iPhones, the pending purchase.”

If Apple representatives will meet to Unicode, the red-haired characters will appear on the iPhone and iPad. However, it does not happen before 2018, as to the following Unicode standard 10 remains is a little time.

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