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Unboxing and overview of Apple Watch, Nike+ [video]

October 28, Apple started selling a new model smart watch – Apple Watch, Nike+, created in collaboration with the manufacturer of sports shoes and clothing. MacDigger offers to see the first reviews and assessments of the “Apple” news.

In the past year, first releasing the Apple Watch in Cupertino, it seems, had a clear answer to the question, what exactly are these smart-watches: fashion accessory, digital assistant or device for fitness. With the Apple Watch Series 2 all clear: the main innovations in the product are in the Department of health and sport. First, it is water-resistant to 50 m. second, the presence of a GPS module, allowing you to take in a run iPhone.

The first distinguishing feature of Apple Watch, Nike+ design. The case, however, from a normal Series 2 is no different, but the strap is made of fluoroelastomer unique “breathing” design (four colors), and in the list of available dials there are two exclusive from Nike, digital and analog. Apple Watch Nike+ are only aluminum, version with stainless steel or ceramic housing not provided. Another change, the eye: a round cap with optical heart rate sensors on the inner side of the housing now is made of ceramics, and the glass covering the sensor is made of sapphire. Hours the first generation of this combination of materials was used only in expensive models with steel or gold case.

The main functional feature of Apple Watch, Nike+ is the ability to quickly, directly from the dial screen and without entering any additional parameters or commands to start the run in the Nike+ Run Club. Clock starts to keep track of all the necessary runner stats: pace, distance, active calories spent, and heart rate (HR). All these figures appear when you pause (when you stop running, the app does this itself), on the pause screen in the app on the watch.

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Excluding special straps, dials and preset BY Nike, this model is the second generation Apple Watch in aluminium casing. Compared to released in the spring of 2015 Apple Watch is here more powerful (now dual core) processor, a brighter screen (1000 nits) and provide with plenty of day work battery.

Conventional aluminum Apple Watch Series 2 costs from 33 990 rubles for the 38 mm model and from 36 990 rubles for a 42mm, the Apple Watch, Nike+ will cost the same money. Prefer a novelty in the original design of the usual Apple Watch Series 2 is worth it if you are going for Jogging regularly and need a simple and convenient tool for planning and monitoring training, as well as an additional source of motivation. Well, if someone is partial to Nike brand, the Apple Watch’s branding, too, will surely enjoy.

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