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Unboxing and first look at Apple Watch Edition in ceramic case [video]

After the release of the Apple Watch Series 2, Apple has discontinued a series of Apple Watch Edition in gold case. It will no longer sell options wearable computer cost from 10 thousand to 17 thousand dollars. Instead, Apple introduced the only model Apple Watch Edition in a brand new, beautiful and extremely durable case made of white ceramic. Possessing all the features of the Apple Watch Series 2, they represent the next generation of exclusive models of Apple timepieces.

Ceramics is one of the hardest materials in the world. This light, smooth and extremely durable material harder than stainless steel is more than four times. And its glossy pearl surface is scratch resistant and does not tarnish. Pearl white case, Apple Watch Edition is almost impossible to scratch.

The process of creating the body of Apple Watch Edition begins with a high-strength Zirconia powder is mixed with aluminum oxide. Thus the white colour. Then, the future of the housing is compressed, is subjected to heat treatment and polished with a diamond suspension to obtain a perfectly smooth glossy surface. This is a very complex process, so the production of each hull Apple Watch Edition takes several days.

New ceramic Apple Watch Edition is available in Russia at a price of 115 990 rubles. Included with the watch is branded dock Apple charging. The latter is compatible with all versions of the Apple Watch and connected to a power source using the standard Lightning to USB cable.

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