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Ulyanovsk automobile plant released a test version of UAZ Patriot with the support of iPhone [video]

Ulyanovsk automobile plant jointly with Russian partners released a test version of the UAZ Patriot equipped with a solution in the field of telematic services and support for devices running iOS and Android. The system includes elements of information security and combines the work of driver assistance systems, the system of Era-GLONASS telematics platform, control center and mobile app for smartphones.

The integrated solution automates the services for the control of vehicle access, control over the style of driving, compliance with traffic and traffic rules by drivers. As described in the company, the system provides the ability to monitor fuel consumption, schedule, and repair vehicles based on the received status information of the machine.

The complex is installed in UAZ Patriot vehicle telematics unit connected to the electronic system of the vehicle, receiving a navigation signal from a satellite that collects information about the state of the machine and transmits it over the cellular network connection to the server. Further information is processing and systematization of documents on the server and passed to the Manager for analysis and further interaction with the driver or directly with the vehicle by sending commands.

The system allows the dispatcher to identify the presence of distraction, fatigue, drowsiness or aggressiveness of the driver and thus to take preventive measures to improve driving safety. Another feature is the presence of UAZ Patriot button “Service”, with one tap you can contact with Manager, who sees the vehicle position on the map, receive signals from GLONASS satellites. This button allows you to solve many operational issues such as emergency call, technical or legal assistance on the road etc.

Mobile app the application allows you to get timely information required for operational management decisions, the press service of the Ulyanovsk automobile plant.

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