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Ulefone copied the design of Apple Watch for its first smart watch uWear

The company Lenovo has decided to enter the market for smart watches with its own model uWear. In terms of design the new product is largely reiterates Apple Watch, but without the digital bits Digital Crown on the side.

On manufacturers demonstrated the renderings depicted a device that practically all shamelessly repeats repeats an Apple product. Copying “Apple” gadget in uWear give the location of the buttons, the design of the front and rear panels of hours and type of strap. The company calls watch designer addition to your smartphone Be Touch 2 and good assistant for sports users.

Technical characteristics of the accessory are not yet available. The manufacturer claims that his product will be aimed at active users. Therefore, a pedometer (measures including distance traveled and calories burned), analysis of the quality of sleep, reminders about the need to move more in sedentary work and other functions, “sharpened” under the analysis of human life, the clock supported.

In addition, in uWear will be built in barometer, altimeter and the system alerts about a possible loss of a smartphone or the hour (if the devices are separated from each other by a certain distance).

The cost and technical characteristics uWear has yet to be announced. Ulefone promises to disclose this information in the near future.

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