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Ukrainians gather money on Kickstarter for the second generation of the iblazr flash [video]

July 17, Kickstarter was launched quite fetching project external synchronized LED flash iblazr 2 for smartphones and tablets. It is interesting not only in itself, but the fact that it creates a team of developers from Ukraine headed by the head of Vlad Teslenko.

The project of the outbreak of the first generation debuted on Kickstarter two years ago and has collected three times more money than planned. This allowed developers to begin serial production of the iblazr and send to all devices in the previously agreed terms. After some time, the gadget has become available in a global market and is now sold in over 35 countries around the world, including the online Apple store.

According to the developers, iblazr 2 is “the world’s first device that is able to synchronize with the native camera app on iOS and Android”. To connect to the smartphone uses a Bluetooth 4.0 interface and built-in touch sensor allows you to control the temperature of the light, going from cold to warm tones, giving the photos a more natural look.

A special application of Shotlight will allow you to use up to 10 flashes iblazr at the same time in photo and video modes by configuring each of them individually. It is worth noting that now the app will work without connecting the flash. A separate item developers are able to control basic camera settings such as ISO, focus, exposure and white balance. A version for iOS will be released before the end of this month, while the Shotlight for Android is scheduled for August.

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It was not easy to overcome and challenges in the field of software. According to the developers, to work with the iPhone much easier by standardizing the product line unlike Android solutions presented by models from various manufacturers, with different cameras and firmware versions — all this complicates the development of software.

Minimum price iblazr 2 for pre-order is $45, while the retail price will be slightly higher – $70.

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