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Ukrainian store offered to pay for iPhone 7 red blood

30.03.2017 0 Comments

Famous Ukrainian network of shops “Citrus” has launched an original campaign for those who want to become the owner of a new iPhone 7 in a red case. For this everyone is invited to donate blood at the donor center.


Ukrainian store offered to pay for iPhone 7 red blood

The retailer decided not only to assert run red the iPhone 7, but to help solve the problem with the shortage of donor blood. For this the company has launched a special offer in which any person who has passed 450 ml of blood in the donor centre gets a chance to win the Apple smartphone.

The campaign should register on the company website, then find the nearest point of reception of donor blood. After that, the retailer recommends to pass a short briefing on how is the procedure performed and immediately to donate blood. Then a potential owner of the red iPhone 7 gets a pass. The latter is a pass to participate in the draws that will take place in the shops “Citrus” in five cities of Ukraine.


Ukrainian store offered to pay for iPhone 7 red blood

Among the donors will play 14 red iPhone 7 which will confirm the coupons donating blood, and another online. To participate in the raffle online, fill out a form on the promotions page and post your coupon in social networks with the hashtag #CitrusDonor and enter a link to it in the special field of the form.

In addition, the store promises a discount to donors who decide to change their “normal” iPhone 7 to red.


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