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Ukrainian authorities fear that Apple will collapse the economy

If every Ukrainian wants to buy shares of Apple, macro-financial stability is shaken, which in turn will lead to the collapse of the hryvnia and rising prices. This was stated by the head of the National Bank of Ukraine Valeria Gontareva.

“If today every Ukrainian wants to buy shares of Apple, we just don’t have enough money to maintain the balance of payments. And macro-financial stability is a priority for the National Bank”, – said Gontareva in an interview with NB.

This Gontareva stressed that the Ukrainians will be able to buy Apple shares after the third stage of liberalization.

The Ukrainian authorities is not the first time talking about Apple in the context of the economic situation in the country. In July of this year, “the Ukrainian state centre of radio frequencies” (UCRF) stated that losses of the budget from the smuggling of iPhone be 1 billion hryvnia (about $40 million). According to experts, today in the territory of neighboring countries more than half of the iPhone “gray”.

To smartphones-the”illegals” are imported in two ways – “black” and “grey”. The first way is when unscrupulous companies that break the law on the import, by bribery illegal transport equipment across the border. The second is to buy equipment from individuals and private entrepreneurs, because the person has the right, supposedly for personal use, imported into Ukraine a few smartphones.

Earlier this week, the national Commission, carrying out state regulation in the sphere of communication and information (NCCIR), allowed Ukrainians to use the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

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