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UFC fighter Luke Rockhold have tested the strength of the iPhone 6s [video]

The release of new Apple gadgets causes bouts of hatred in some users. What they already did with the iPhone 6s: boiled, cut, frozen, bashed with a hammer. The company on after-sales service of electronic devices square trade decided to go ahead and trust the destruction of the new UFC Middleweight Luke Rockhold. Or rather his “chopper” with his feet.

For tests they took not only the latest iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, but also their predecessors. Rockhold turns caused each unit roundhouse kick. None of the smartphone is not left alive from the shooting.

After “negoprices” Luke checked the new iPhone 6s Plus on flexion. We have seen that in the past similar test iPhone 6s not succumbed to the pressure of one person. Only two of them were under the force to bend it. But one thing, when the phone is torturing a couple of regular guys, and quite another when he falls into the hands of the professional fighter.

To break a big model of the previous year to Rockhold managed without much effort, but with a new iPhone 6s in the case of reinforced alloy had to Tinker significantly longer, and efforts to make more. The athlete admitted that it was pretty hard.

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