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U.S. residents can order iPhone X before the other

In the USA the participants of the program trade-in can enjoy iPhone X already 23 Oct 2017.

Pre-order the flagship iPhone model X should begin on October 27. Message analysts that the initial batch will be only 2 or 3 million gadgets, incite excitement around new products.

Users invent tricks so as not to miss the start of pre-order: set alarms on October 27, and create orders on the Apple website. In a network there are instructions on how not to miss a new. Perhaps this is why Apple has decided to give us the followers of the brand who want to update their iPhone. Beginning October 23, they can participate in the program iPhone Upgrade: to obtain the approval of the loan application to take an old iPhone to trade-in and order iPhone X for almost a week before the others.

The announcement of the availability of early pre-order appeared on the American Apple website and Apple Store app.

In order to participate in this promotion you need to install the Apple Store app, choose the desired modification of the iPhone X, get loan approval and to pass the test which will be held on October 27, in advance. A similar program was provided for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

The Upgrade was designed to users who buy the iPhone on credit, and have made at least 12 payments for your device could easily get a newer model in exchange for the old one. Usually, the credit program is for 24 months and includes mandatory insurance purchasing Apple Care.

Under the program trade-in you can convert any existing Apple device to a newer gadget.

In 2017, the exchange program has become more comfortable for users. Now customers do not have to reserve a smartphone in one of the nearest Apple Store.

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