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U.S. authorities are looking for a way to get access to the correspondence users WhatsApp

U.S. authorities are discussing ways of gaining access to the conversations of the largest users of WhatsApp messenger. It is reported RBC in reference to the informed sources.

Recently government officials have discussed how to solve the problem of access to encrypted messages or calls to WhatsApp. With 2014 messenger owned by Facebook.

During the investigation of the crime (what it is, is unknown, but it is not about terrorism) the court has approved the surveillance of law enforcement officers for the phones of suspects, but because of the encryption WhatsApp they are unable to access the application. Because of this and there was discussion on how to bypass this encryption.

In the year 2015, WhatsApp introduced encryption end-to-end, which allows the authorities to access the messages and listen to calls even if the relevant decision of the court. Messages are seen by only the sender and the recipient, they will not be able to decipher even the creators of the messenger. This deprives law enforcement agencies to read anyone’s correspondence.

To a particular decision, the officials aren’t here yet. But amid a public conflict Apple and the FBI about the hacking a terrorist’s smartphone litigation with WhatsApp could be a new stage in the dispute of the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama and technology companies on encryption, security and confidentiality of information. Representatives of the US Department of justice and WhatsApp declined to comment.

In February in the U.S. the scandal around the iPhone hacking terrorist: Apple refused to help the FBI get around encryption and get access to information on the iPhone, despite the court’s decision. In this dispute, Apple has backed technology companies such as WhatsApp, Google, Facebook, Twitter.

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